DeWils is a family owned cabinet manufacturer based      out of Vancouver, Washington. They are one of the leading      cabinet makers in the United States, and one of our      favorite companies to work with. They have a variety of      wood, stain, and paint options which can accommodate      any style and taste. DeWils offers many upgraded features      as a part of their standard practices and delivers       unmatched value in pricing and quality. 


          R.D. Henry is our newest line, offering fresh and truly      unique choices in cabinetry. Based out of Wichita, Kansas,      they are a family run company dedicated to providing      superior quality cabinets and service. R.D. Henry makes it      easy to find your perfect kitchen with custom paint and      stain matches as well as chic finishes and wood options.      All of their top of the line hardware and features come      standard with all R.D. Henry cabinetry as well. 


          Waypoint is our economically priced cabinet source for      remodels with a  modest budget. They are a stock cabinet      company that offer minimal  customization with a more      limited set of wood, paint and stain options, but      comparable quality to the higher end lines. With Waypoint      you can expect similar  features and attention to detail as      you would with the rest of our lines, but at a  more      affordable price.


          Facets Cabinetry is a process created by R.D. Henry of      printing directly on slab doors or panels. We can apply      almost any image or design to your cabinets to create a      bold or subtle accent in your home. Facets gives you the      opportunity to express your style and personality in a truly      unique way.



The people at United Stoneworks are our local counter tops specialists. They provide most of our stone and laminate products and fabricate and install all of our tops.


 Diamond Seal is a dry treat product applied to granite tops to help prevent staining and make clean up and maintenance easier. It only needs to be applied once and it will protect your granite tops for their life. We Diamond Seal all of our granite tops.

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