July 2018 Summer Newsletter

What's New? Introducing Fenix & Luxe



DeWils has introduced two new products, Fenix and Luxe, to their line of cabinetry. These products offer a new contemporary look that is easy to maintain and highly durable. If you are in search of a new kitchen or bath that is ultra-sleek and high-end without having to pay the high-end prices, then Fenix or Luxe by DeWils is perfect for you.

Fenix is created with thermosetting resins over an engineered wood core. It has a matte, velvety finish that is non-porous and highly dense. The cabinets are very easy to maintain as they can be cleaned with almost any regular household product. Fenix is resistant to mold, repels water, does not show fingerprints and is hygienic with enhanced anti-bacterial properties. It is also suitable for contact with food and highly scratch, impact, and heat resistance. If it does happen to get a scratch, it has thermal healing, meaning a little bit of heat and smoothing from a hot iron will repair it and fix the abrasion.

Luxe is different than most other acrylic cabinets because it isn’t laminated to substrate, but instead it is a highly durable coating that is applied directly onto an engineered wood core. Unlike with Fenix’s matte finish, Luxe has a high-gloss polyester finish that delivers a striking contemporary look. The finish and composition of the acrylic in the Luxe cabinets makes it easy to clean. They are scratch, heat, stain and vapor resistant, so you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning their highly reflective surfaces. The color in each style is extremely vibrant and runs all the way through to the core. It is also 100% UV stable, so the color will not fade or yellow over time.

If more traditional wood style cabinetry is not for you, these new materials can be just what you need to create the perfect contemporary kitchen or bathroom. Marc Coan Designs has the expertise to deliver you the space of your dreams and make sure the product works not only with your personal tastes, but with your lifestyle as well.

Paint Vs. Resin



If you’ve been considering going with a colored finish for your kitchen or bath cabinets, then you’ve probably considered paint as your only option. We are here to let you know that is not the case. We will explain to you why resin may be a better choice for you.

Resin is a newer finish we have available. It is set using heat and pressure over an engineered wood core and has a smooth that is soft and sturdy. The color goes all the way through to the core and is rich and dense. However, one of the best things about resin is its incredible durability. It is much easier to care for and repair that painted cabinetry. You don’t have to worry about color chipping, peeling, or fading. If you do happen to gouge or scratch it, the resin can be reset using a hot iron and leveling device.

Being that resin is still a new product, it does have its limitations. It is currently only available in two door styles, slab and shaker, and has a smaller color selection. However, our resin choices do still cover the most popular color trends; shades of white, taupe, gray, beige, and blue. There are still plenty of options for you to choose from so you can get the cabinets you’ve been wanting while having the peace of mind knowing that your kitchen or bath will withstand whatever you or your household will throw at it.

Whatever you choose to go with, know that the quality of cabinets from Marc Coan Designs will deliver for you in style and quality everytime.


Good Luck Kathy!


  We are very saddened to announce that Kathy Jackson has decided to retire. 

   Kathy and Marc have worked together for 16 years, and she has been with us since the start of Marc Coan Designs. She has played an integral role here as not only a designer but a friend and colleague as well. Although her presence and energy will be missed, we are very happy for her. We would like to wish her good luck as she starts this new chapter in her life. Kathy, thank you for your contributions to Marc Coan Designs! 

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