New Ways to Secure Granite Tops…

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….Or never bang your kneecap on a wooden corbel again!

That’s right, we’ve created 2 new ways to support & secure your new granite bar tops and any other countertop that has a large overhang of granite.  

 The old way utilized wooden (or some other material) corbels at various intervals to support the overhang of the granite, marble or other hard surface material. and invariably you or someone else would bang their knee on the support, not making for the most comfortable of seating arrangements.

As you can see in this picture, Marc Coan Designs now uses custom fitted steel supports in order to eliminate the inevitable knee pain of banging into a wooden corbel.

We have found that this works quite well with most any configuration.

Depending on the slab or solid surface, the steel supports are created to fit the overhang and countertop shape.

Stop in at the Marc Coan Design Showroom & explore how eliminating corbels can be a “knee friendly” improvement!

In fact, if you are thinking about a kitchen or bath remodel you owe it to yourself to check out our “Kitchen Intervention” process that will save you time money & heartaches! See the Kitchen Intervention tab at the top of this website & call for your appointment today. 


Time for an Intervention!

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Spring is here, are you ready for it? That means cleaning the kitchen, too, right? Scrubbing down the cabinet doors, emptying the drawers, reaching all the way back into those corner cabinets to find…who knows what!

Doesn’t make your life any easier when those cabinets are old, worn out and no matter how much scrubbing can bring back that new look.

And then there is the countertop, laminate from the late 70s or early 80s. Just how do you make that look clean & new?

Time for an Intervention!

Have you been dreaming for a new kitchen? Have you found yourself “keeping ideas in mind?” for when your new kitchen can become a reality?

Maybe it’s time for a Kitchen Intervention. That’s right, it is time to finally have the kitchen you want & deserve! But what is a Kitchen Intervention? You know what an Intervention is; someone who steps in, and guides you through the pitfalls. A professional Kitchen Intervention with our professional design counselors will organize your thoughts & dreams, add the realities of construction, and create a plan that will bring your kitchen to life!

A Kitchen Intervention includes:

•Consultation in your home with one of our design counselors

•Preliminary design with recommendations for the project

•Presentation of proposal in the Marc Coan Design Showroom

•And much more

An initial investment of $250.00 in your project provides an invaluable tool for you to begin the renovation process of your kitchen or bathroom. It will allow you to determine the feasibility of the project and where you may wish to make changes in the design, construction or materials to meet your budgetary expectations. The design fee will be applied to the purchase of your cabinets when you place your order with Marc Coan Designs LLC.

Make your appointment before May 31st 2013 & take $50.00 off the Kitchen Intervention. Call now 505-837-8888.  SAVE $50.00 & take the first steps to your Dream Kitchen!

Congratulations To Our Very Own Kathy Jackson

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Congratulations to our very own Kathy Jackson for winning the ERA Excellence in Remodeling Award 2012!                           

 Everyone’s heard about the “Man Cave,” but we’ve gotta ask you; what about a space for “us girls?” Yep that’s right a “Girl Cave!” Recently we at Marc Coan Designs had the opportunity to transform a dull, boring basement storage area into a cozy, comfortable welcoming bonus space.

Kathy Jackson, designer of this project, relates the story…..see more in the blog post

Girl Caves

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Everyone’s heard about the “Man Cave,” but we’ve gotta ask you; what about a space for “us girls?” Yep, that’s right, a “Girl Cave!” Recently we at Marc Coan Designs had the opportunity to transform a dull, boring basement storage space into an award winning, comfortable, welcoming bonus space. Kathy Jackson, designer of this project, relates the story.

It all started when a client saw a picture of a beautiful study with walls full of built-ins that became her inspiration room. She brought that picture into our design showroom and asked if we could recreate that room in the basement of her home. You can imagine the challenges!                      (before pictures)                       

   Here you can see the bookcase wall and a window wall, showing the low ceilings. We solved that problem bu going floor to ceiling with the cabinets and by adding lighted glass front cabinets to give the room a more spacious feel. Now our client has a quiet space for reading and a beautifully tailored addition to her home for entertaining. Her “lowly” basement has been transformed into a beautiful, functional space  adding value, and has become a fun place to be!

Are you ready to add value &  fun to your home? Do you need a place to call your own? What would your “Girl Cave” look like?             


 Visit us at Marc Coan Designs Showroom, and we’ll help make your dream room come true!                     


See you soon,


Marc Coan Designs         505-837-8888

3301 Menaul Blvd NE Suite 28

(next to Cost Plus)

 Albuquerque, NM 87107                 www.




Multitasking Drawers & Corners

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Multitasking Drawers & Corners

This month we’ve talked about Appliance Garages 

and Magic Pantries, so what better way to complete this series but with the functional options now available in cabinets made for corners & in drawerconfigurations. Corner cabinets have long been the red headed step child of kitchen designers, moms & cooks alike. What a terrible waste of space they can be! Look at this example of a corner cabinet and see how one way those access & storage problems have been solved.


On to drawers; don’t you wish your kitchen drawers could be organized specifically for certain purposes? Now they can. I’m not just talking about the silver ware drawer…take a look at some of these options. Deep drawers for mixing bowls, or for extra serving pieces.


 How about a real bread box?Or a pull out cutting board.        

The possibilities are truly endless. You and your kitchen designer can create the perfect configuration to fit your kitchen & all your appliances and utensils, too!

Come in to our showroom & let us show you how to transform your everyday kitchen into your dream kitchen.

Are you ready for a Kitchen Intervention? If so, call for an appointment or stop in to the showroom

See you soon,


Marc Coan Designs                               505-837-8888

3301 Menaul Blvd Suite 28

(next to Cost Plus)

Albuquerque, NM 87107            

Do You Have A Magic Pantry?

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Do the words “properly stocked pantry” make you laugh when you think of the lack of space & functionality in your kitchen?

It’s frustrating when the food show hosts happily go to their pantry and retrieve all sorts of culinary “necessities.” “There is not enough room in my kitchen for a pantry like that,” I hear you mumble…Never Fear!     

Here at Marc coan Designs you can find a “Majic Pantry” that will fit into most any size kitchen or configuration of cabinets. These photos are from our Design Showroom in Albuquerque. In this case the pantry consists of two doors that open showing 2 types of configurations. One, with drawers that slide individually, and the other that pulls out revealing extra shelving space.

  Or imagine a swing out spice rack that is  nestled inside a cabinet like the one pictured here.

Are you in need of serious help in redesigning your kitchen? There are so many ways to create more storage that’s both functional and beautiful.    We LOVE to help!


Stop in, explore the showroom, and see the possibilties!                                                       

Looking forward to meeting you in the Showroom,


PS: Are you ready for your personal Kitchen Intervention? If you are, call us at Marc Coan Designs to schedule a Kitchen Intervention.

Marc Coan Designs 
3301 Menual Blvd NE Suite 28                       505 837 8888
(next door to Cost Plus)
Albuquerque, NM 87107                                                                                                                 


Is Your Countertop Shrinking?

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Is Your Kitchen Countertop Shrinking?

Have you added an espresso machine along with the coffee pot,toaster,  toaster oven,  blender, mixer,or one of a number of necessary “cool” appliances? Is the countertop so cluttered & covered up, you’ve almost forgotten what it looks like?

Are you ready to take all those appliances to “the garage?”  We can help! That’s right, how about storing all of them in a beautifully designed “Appliance Garage!”       

 Marc Coan Designs                                                                                                

 In Albuquerque, New Mexico is getting creative with almost unlimited options and opportunities for your very own Lift Door Cabinet called the “Appliance Garage.”

Because your life revolves around your kitchen, it must serve your special wants & desires, hold all your appliances, be functional and beautiful ALL at the same time!

The Lift Door Cabinet can be custom created to most any     dimension thereby hiding all thoser pesky appliances we cannot live without! Not only is size variable, but the lift door face can be finished with tile to match the backsplash as you can see in our Marc Coan Design showroom located at 3301 Menaul Blvd. Or design with a frosted or “art glass” panel.


So go ahead, have a bit of fun while you’re being practical! We here at Marc Coan Designs LOVE  the “Fun in Functionality!”  Call us now if you are ready for your “Kitchen Intervention” Design & Remodel Handbook.

Marc Coan Designs                         505-837-8888 Albuquerque New Mexico

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This “Haunted Tree House” is my entry into this years “Little Houses” show to benefit Off Center Arts.  There are always amazing houses to view and purchase, hope you can make it to the opening on the 4th.

Join us on May 4th, as we kick-off the 2012 Albuquirky House Tour with a special reception and silent auction from (5pm – 9pm) a Sumner & Dene Gallery; this First Friday reception will feature the artwork of Frank McCulloch and up for auction are the “Little Houses” cleverly designed by some of Albuquerque’s most talented artists and personalities.

Reception/Silent Auction
Friday May 4th,2012
5pm – 9pm
Sumner & Dene Gallery
516 Central Avenue

“Little Houses” up for auction created by some of Albuquerque’s most talented & inspired artists…


2011 Excellence in Remodeling Awards

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2011 Excellence in Remodeling Awards




We won the 2011 Excellence in Remodeling Award for best “Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000.00” and for best “Bathroom Under $35,000.00″ with our construction partner Del Sol Builders. We are very excited and look forward to helping as many people as we can create award winning spaces in their homes. Come visit  our showroom and let’s talk about your project…


Best Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000.00


Best Bathroom Remodel Under $35,000.00


The Excellence in Remodeling Awards are sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders, Remodelers Council of Central New Mexico. They are given out every year in a variety of categories. The purpose of the awards is to recognize and promote quality projects produced by professional, reliable, licensed contractors.


Kitchen Islands

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A Kitchen island and it’s cousin, the peninsula, can vastly expand the design potential and convenience of just about any kitchen.  Among the earliest islands were farm tables that gave cooks extra work surfaces and doubled as informal dining areas.  Today, a homeowner has the option of islands made of the same materials as the base cabinets and countertop for an integral look.  On the other hand, the latest trend is a freestanding look, with upper cabinets, base cabinets and countertop materials in a mix of materials and colors.

In this scenario, any free standing piece of furniture with at least one part standing at about counter or table height can function as an island.  Most homeowners prefer a piece that offers a combination of hidden storage and open shelves under the added work surface.  In a more high tech kitchen, the lower storage may also include a microwave drawer or refrigerated drawers.


When trying to decide if your current kitchen can accommodate an island, keep NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) guidelines in mind:  42” between countertops for one cook and 48” between countertops for multiple cooks.

Thank you again for your trust, business and referrals.

Please call us  at 505-837-8888 for questions or a specific situation you might need addressed.